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The Airport: Back in the Skies: Episode 3 (S1EP3 BBC One Mon 23 May 2022)



It’s late November, and rising passenger numbers mean that everyone at Heathrow needs to adapt to busier skies. Jeremy joins returning Aer Lingus captain Louise in the simulator as she manages a sudden engine malfunction and is forced to make an emergency landing. Training successfully completed, Jeremy joins Louise in the cockpit of one of Aer Lingus’s newest and most sustainable aircraft, the A321 Neo, as they fly on the busy Dublin-Heathrow route.

In the NATS control tower, Jeremy finds out how air traffic controller Steph is acclimatising to increased plane traffic and tries his hand at ordering planes for take-off in the NATS simulator.

With restrictions easing, baggage service managers Nigel and Waj are responsible for ever greater numbers of bags on Heathrow’s 10 miles of conveyor belts. Jeremy joins them on a busy shift as they help a passenger arriving from Afghanistan locate her bags.

Airdate: Mon 23 May 2022 at 22:40 on BBC One

Season 1 Episode 3

Over four crucial months of the pandemic, aviation expert Jeremy Spake is inside Heathrow to see if they can keep Britain flying during the most challenging time in its history.