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The Airport: Back in the Skies Series Premiere (SBS Wednesday 7 December 2022)



The Airport: Back in the Skies

Today Wednesday 7 December 2022 the show The Airport: Back in the Skies airs a new episode called Series Premiere.

After 18 months of travel restrictions, Jeremy Spake arrives at Heathrow in the middle of October to find the airport completely destroyed by Covid-19, with terminals empty, businesses shut, and employees coming back from furlough.

Jeremy assists Virgin turnaround officer Claire as she prepares a Boeing 787 900 for Delhi as India resumes quarantine-free flights.

Before joining the flight team at the gate to distribute PPE and help calm frazzled passengers’ nerves as they struggle with passenger locator forms, Jeremy helps deep clean the aircraft while on board.


Today, Wednesday 7 December 2022, the episode Series Premiere airs at 8.25pm on SBS.

Season 1 Episode 1

The Airport: Back in the Skies – Get ready for takeoff. Docusoap star Jeremy Spake is back at Heathrow during the strangest and most challenging time in its history. Just what does it take to keep Britain flying?

Featured Image Credit: SBS