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The Amazing Race Finale Game Changer: All Or Nothing (CBS Fri 19 Dec 2014 with Phil Keoghan)



USA / CBS / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 19 December 2014 @ 8.00pm

Series: The Amazing Race / Season 25 Episode 12

For the first time in Amazing Race history four teams carry on to the final leg and for the first time in Amazing Race history the final leg starts immediately after end of leg 11. Not only that Phil WILL be eliminating one team along the way.

Left are Dentists Misty and Jim, Soulsurfers Adam and Bethany, food scientists Amy and Maya and pro-wrestlers Brooke and Robbie and at some point during the final leg there will come a point where only three of the teams are able to take part in a detour or roadblock. Amy and Maya finished last place in the last leg, Amy almost completely out of it from dehydration (that coconut carrying challenge was a beast though!) and needing a rest. In fact the pair probably took longer to recover than they needed because they thought they were out.

Interestingly the teams were also all handed a manilla envelope containing secret coded instructions which they cannot open until told to do so at some point on the final leg.

What we know about the final leg is that Hollywood will play a major part, especially when it comes to stunts. The US Coast guard will also be taking part and there will be an epic memory test!

Amy and Maya are definitely the underdogs but that doesn’t mean anything now. We’d like Brooke and Robbie to win they have consistently given us the most fun this season, they have just as good a chance too. Misty and Jim will think they are going to win and Adam and Bethany are probably the overall favorites to take out the title.



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