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The Avengers: Dance with Death (S1EP12 ITV 15 Apr 1961, Angela Douglas)



Dance with Death: Dr. Keel resuscitates Elaine Bateman, the owner of a ballroom dancing school who has narrowly survived a murder attempt by gassing. When he returns to the school after dropping his scarf, he is arrested. His scarf has been used to strangle the woman.

Regular Cast: Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Ian Hendry (Doctor David Keel)

Guest Cast: Ingrid Hafner (Carol Wilson), Caroline Blakiston, Dudley Sutton, Angela Douglas, Ewan Roberts, Pauline Shepherd, Diana King, Geoffrey Palmer, Norman Chappell

Writers: Peter Ling and Sheilagh Ward / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 15 Apr 1961 on ITV

Series: The Avengers Season 1 Episode 12