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The Avengers: Diamond Cut Diamond (S1EP7 ITV 18 Feb 1961, Sandra Dorne)



Diamond Cut Diamond: Steed, attempting to break a gang of international diamond smugglers, is living in a bungalow near Heathrow Airport which was once owned by a suicide whom One-Ten suspects of involvement. Steed awakens one morning somewhat the worse for drink, when a phone call advises him to check the morning paper; the police are tracking a hit-and-run driver. Steed checks his car. It is damaged, and the front is covered with dried blood.

Regular Cast: Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Ian Hendry (Doctor David Keel)

Guest Cast: Douglas Muir (One-Ten), Ingrid Hafner (Carol Wilson), Hamlyn Benson, Sandra Dorne, Joy Webster

Writer: Max Marquis / Director: Peter Hammond

Airdate: 18 Feb 1961 on ITV

Series: The Avengers Season 1 Episode 7