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The Avengers: The Frighteners (S1EP15 ITV 27 May 1961, Stratford Johns)



The Frighteners: To stop his daughter seeing suspected conman Jeremy de Willoughby, Sir Thomas Waller has hired arch-criminal the Deacon to ‘put the frighteners on’. Steed is on the trail of the Deacon and, with the aid of Dr. Keel, stops two thugs from seriously wounding de Willoughby. They set a trap for the Deacon and the lovers.

Regular Cast: Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Ian Hendry (Doctor David Keel)

Guest Cast: Ingrid Hafner (Carol Wilson), Philip Locke, Willoughby Goddard, Stratford Johns, Philip Gilbert, David Andrews, Dawn Beret, Doris Hare, Godfrey James, Neil Wilson, Eric Elliott, Ralph Tovey, Ann Taylor, Eleanor Darling, Ben Simons, Benny Nightingale, Victor Charrington, Frank Peters, Charles Wood

Writers: Berkeley Mather / Director: Peter Hammond

Airdate: 27 May 1961 on ITV

Series: The Avengers Season 1 Episode 15