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The Bay: Episode 3 (S1EP3 ITV 3 Apr 2019, Lindsey Coulson)



Episode 3: When the main suspect goes missing, Lisa is concerned about Sean’s possible involvement. Abbie falls deeper into Vincent’s world, bringing Sam with her. Meanwhile, Sean’s vigilante justice leads him down a dangerous path.

Regular Cast: Morven Christie (DS Lisa Armstrong), Jonas Armstrong (Sean Meredith), Lindsey Coulson (Penny Armstrong), Tracie Bennett (Margaret Foley), Matthew McNulty (Nick), Chanel Cresswell (Jess Meredith), Louis Greatorex (Sam), Simran Kaur (Pc Lewis), Imogen King (Abbie Armstrong), Adam Long (Vincent)

Airdate: 3 Apr 2019 on ITV

Series: The Bay Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: In The Bay Family Liaison Officer Lisa Armstrong becomes a little too emotionally involved with a case (to the point where she might compromise it) concerning a pair of missing Morecambe twins to whose distraught parents she is assigned. Morven Christie Chanel Cresswell star.