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The Beautiful Lie Episode 5 (ABC-1 15 Nov 2015 with Sarah Snook)



AIRDATE: Sunday 15 November 2015 at 8.30pm on ABC-1

Episode 5 (of 6)

Peter and Kitty’s wedding preparations have begun, they have decided to have a not-wedding to be held at Dolly’s country house and they would like their guests to all wear white. Kingsley invites Anna to the not-wedding so she can see Kasper. Despite Skeet’s warnings, Anna makes plans to attend, she thinks the wedding might also provide the opportunity to reaffirm her place in the family.

But when she arrives, she finds herself the only person not wearing white; adding to her humiliation Kasper refuses to go to her. She is distraught.

Later that night, Xander meets Peter’s friend Helen and they hit it off instantly. But the wedding comes to an abrupt end when Peter’s brother Nick vomits blood. Peter discovers just how sick his brother is. Over the next few days, Kitty supports Nick fearlessly into his death.

While Anna becomes increasingly jealous and fears she is losing Skeet – who feels more and more out of his depth every time he is around her.