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The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 7 (Season Finale Disney+ Wed 9 Feb 2022)



It’s been an interesting run of episodes as we lead into the season finale, a mix of bringing Boba’s story up to date and a segue way into the further adventures of The Mandalorian. There are not many series confident enough to barely feature the main character in its two most recent episodes.

It’s clear a showdown is in the offing, Boba has got his band together and the Pikes need taking down. Is Timothys Olyphant’s Marshall really dead, having been shot down by Cad Bane; Will Grogu choose the way of the force or take The Mandalorian’s chainmail shirt gift – and if he does will there be a scene where he is shot only to be saved because he wearing said chainmail shirt?

All will become much clearer after Wednesday’s episode.

Airdate: Wednesday 9 February 2022 on Disney+.

Season 1 Episode 7