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The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story airs Mon 1 Apr on BBC-2



The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story offers an unprecedented insight into one of the most extraordinary political stories of our time, following the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, as she reports on the twists and turns of Parliament as the United Kingdom negotiates to leave the EU.

Laura has a front-row seat on history as it unfolds. With candid access to many of the key players of this political drama, the one-off special includes never-seen-before footage and gives audiences a chance to share Laura’s unique perspective – and glimpse the sides of her job which usually stay off-camera.

Shadowed by a film crew as she reports on this turbulent political period, the programme starts from the moment the Prime Minister announces her Chequers Plan, through Brussels, as Theresa May navigates her way towards a deal with the EU, before returning to London to witness the toughest parliamentary battles of the modern era.

Throughout the journey, the cameras capture the unstudied thoughts and debates of some of the country’s most influential parliamentarians on both sides of the Brexit debate, depicting Laura, and her interviewees, as audiences have never seen them before.

The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story (1×60′) is a Vice Studios Production for BBC Two.

Airdate: Monday 1 April 2019 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC TWO



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