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The Brothers: The Conspirators (BBC-1 31 Mar 1974 with Brian Peck)



UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 31 March 1974

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Michael Edwards / Director: Philip Dudley

Series: The Brothers / Season 3 Episode 11

“Plot and scheme as you may but you’ll never take this company away from me, I’ll burn it to the ground first”

Things are getting desperate in Conspiritors as Jennifer is adamant she wants to sell her shares in Hammond leading to some high level back stabbing from David and Brian as they manouvre to raise the money to buy her out and in the process take over as managing director and chairman leaving Edward out in the cold. Edward finally persuades Jennifer to tell what is going on (a brauvura scene in the pub where he loses it completely and brings the place to a standstill) and practically forces her to accept a loan from him to pay back his mother.

Meanwhile Ann is on the verge of throwing everything away having become obsessed with Nicholas Fox and unable to reach him in Brussels decides to fly over there. Bill Riley is also on the verge of leaving the company because his wife wants to move up North from the house they have been renting for years and buy their own place. Edward manages to make him see sense and persuades him to let the company help him get a mortgage for a place in London.

More fabulous stuff from the pen of Eric Paice, a brilliant episode with Edward showing everyone just who is boss, from dealing with a troublesome driver (who has used a Hammond truck to move house) to sorting out Bill Riley’s issues and finally dealing with his brothers in fine style forcing them out of the boardroom with their tails between their legs.

guest cast
BRIAN PECK as Bank Manager
DENIS CLEARY as Jim Sadler
PAT GORMAN as Tom Webb
JAGDISH KUMAR as Bus Conductor