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The Brothers: Tiger By The Tail (BBC-1 1975 Carole Mowlam)



UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 20 April 1975

Writer: Eric Paice / Production Design: Gavin Davies / Director: Lennie Mayne

Series: The Brothers / Season 5 Episode 3

Merroney is making his presence felt in Tiger By The Tail with major plans to restructure the entire Hammond transport system from moving the offices to restructing the whole way the company works, of course Ted and the rest of the board are not overly impressed. Brian is totally out of his depth and feels that life is getting on top of him. He is now seeing a psychiatrist who wants him to enter a hospital to get specialist treatment but Brian refuses.

Brian gets the meat of the episode again although Merroney is moving centre stage too not least in the way he deals with buying out the printing company next door to Hammonds so that the company can gain a few hundred yards of vital street frontage.

guest cast
CAROLE MOWLAM as Clare Miller