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The Buildings That Fought Hitler: We Shall Fight on the Beaches (S1EP1 Yesterday Mon 19 Apr 2021)



We Shall Fight on the Beaches: Rob Bell explores the costal defence network that was put in place to defend Britain's beaches from invasion, including a tower in Essex which controlled mines laid across the estuary. In Freiston Shore, on the coast of Lincolnshire, he discovers some of the finest defence buildings still standing. Finally, he heads to Cuckmere Haven, in East Sussex, where seemingly random bits of concrete reveal an intricate network of defences.

Airdate: Mon 19 Apr 2021 at 20:00 on Yesterday

Season 1 Episode 1

Rob Bell presents an eight-part series on the defences that Britain put in place in 1940 to defend the country against the very real threat of a Nazi invasion. Over 6,000 structures were built, repurposed or requisitioned. This series looks at just some of the buildings that were designed to fight Hitler.