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The Challengers: History Doesn’t Pay The Rent (S1EP3 ITV Mon 17 Jan 1972, with Bill Owen)



The Challengers Ep 3 History Doesn't Pay The Rent. William Haunt and Hilary Dwyer.

In History Doesn’t Pay the Rent, Sam Brodie and John Killane once again have opposing points of view over an issue that Sam considers to be of vital importance to the town of Andersley.

The Wagon Sheds, where Brodie was apprenticed as a young man, are being threatened with closure, which would once again mean the loss of more jobs. Killane’s point of view is that the closure would mean the likelihood of the new factory estate getting passed increasing. Somewhat surprisingly Ernest Dewhurst, leader of the Labour run town council, is also not against that idea.

Alongside another appearance for Hilary Dwyer and Bill Owen, familiar faces also include Jacqueline Pearce, best known as Blake’s 7 villain Servalan, character actor William Moore who played the put upon father in Ronnie Corbett sitcom Sorry.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 17 January 1972 at 9.00pm

Series: The Challengers Episode 3 (of 6)

Writer: Edmund Ward / Production Design: Vic Symonds / Director: Marc Miller

Michael Gambon as John Killane
Colin Blakely as Sam Brodie
William Gaunt as Peter Chapman
Joanna Van Gyseghem as Annie MacKinnon
Hilary Dwyer as Janie Killane
Bill Owen as Sir Joseph Conran
Jacqueline Pearce as Sue Marden
Margaret John as Elizabeth Brodie
Ralph Michael as Sir George Pendleton
Bill Dean as Ernest Dewhurst
William Moore as Percy Askerton
Joanne Cookson as Elizabeth
Jonathan Higgins as Thomas
Redvers Kyle as Newscaster
Austin Mitchell as Interviewer
Brian Ellis, Dave Tandy as Singers