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The City Gardener: Southampton Series Premiere 1 Apr 2003 on Channel 4



AIRDATE: Tuesday 1 April 2003 on Channel 4

Episode 1 (of 10)

Matt James is The City Gardener. With Matt’s help the most neglected city garden can become a stunning outdoor room and you don’t need green fingers or a fat wallet to achieve it. Inspiring ordinary homeowners to take an interest in basic horticulture, Matt’s goal is to transform people’s ignored urban gardens into beautiful, verdant havens.

This week, in the first episode of a new 10-part series, Matt transforms a desolate Southampton wasteland into a patch of paradise, combining vines, citrus trees and a granite pathway.

The series will travel to cities around the country, taking in a variety of gardens in various states of neglect, from overgrown yards in Nottingham to debris-filled back gardens in Kensal Green. From the most unpromising beginnings, Matt can create perfect al fresco dining rooms, romantic water features, classic period gardens and beautiful, fragrant retreats.

The series also features Matt converting a balcony into a shaded garden, tips on which plants cope best with pollution, how to use bamboo and climbing plants to hide eyesores, and what can be done to make the best use of a limited space.

Most people don’t have pots of money and heaps of time to spend on their gardens. But with the help of The City Gardener, anyone can have a garden to be proud of.

Producer: Annabel Hibbard
Director: Maria Knowles
Production Company: Two Four Productions