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The Cleaner: The Writer (S1EP2 BBC One Fri 17 Sep 2021)



The Cleaner Episode 2 The Writer David Mitchell

The Writer: Extremely pompous and important author Terence Redford (David Mitchell) is trying to write his latest masterpiece, but is finding it difficult to concentrate: partly because of writer’s block, and partly because his grandmother has recently burnt to death in his living room.

Professional crime scene cleaner Wicky (Greg Davies) arrives to clean up and attempts to give Terrence a sense of perspective. Also starring Georgie Glen and Jane Lewis.

The Cleaner is written by Greg Davies and is based on Der Tatortreiniger created by Mizzi Meyer. It is directed by Tom Marshall and is a Studio Hamburg UK production.

Airdate: Friday 17 September 2021 at 9.30pm on BBC One.

Season 1 Episode 2