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The Coroner: Napoleon’s Violin (BBC-1 25 Nov 2015 with Amy Marston)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 25 November 2015 at 2.15pm on BBC One

Season 1 Episode 8 (of 10)

Donald Sidwell (Timothy Carlton), an elderly, aristocratic gentleman, races home in his vintage car to Sidwell Hall and attempts to drag his agoraphobic daughter Olivia (Amy Marston) outside as shock treatment.

Meek employee Terence Brooks (Alun Raglan) summons the courage to tell him to stop. Later the family – including Olivia’s brother Edward (Andrew Havill) and niece Lily (Maya Gerber) – find Donald’s body, repeatedly stabbed to death, behind a locked door.

When Davey (Matt Bardock) and Jane (Claire Goose) arrive to interview the family, they all claim to have been together when Donald was killed. Local gossip from Jane’s Mum, Judith (Beatie Edney), together with Jane’s careful questioning, begin to show the cracks in this family’s story. And where is their priceless family heirloom, Napoleon’s Violin?

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