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The Coyotes Premieres Thurs 2 Dec on Netflix



In six part Belgian Netflix thriller The Coyotes, a troop of scouts arrives at Warnaffe for their big summer camp. Among them, the newest member of the Coyotes patrol, Kevin, a rebellious and lonely boy. From the first evening, he leaves to find something to smoke in the neighbouring village.

There he meets Marie with whom it’s love at first sight. They spend the night by a lake in a quarry. The next day, still under the influence of drugs, Kevin dives into the lake, discovers a cave, diamonds and a corpse of a young man. This is where problems started.

Cast: Kassim Meesters, Léo Hainaut, Isabelle Defossé, Louka Minnella, Sarah Ber, Victoria Bluck, Felix Vannoorenberghe, Dara Tombroff, Magaly Teixeira, Nilton Martins, Philippe Jeusette, Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Valérie Bodson, Steve Driesen

Creators: Anne-Lise Morin, Axel du Bus, Vincent Lavachery

Airdate: Thursday 2 December 2021 on Netflix.