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The Crown: Margaretology (S3EP2 Netflix 17 Nov 2019)



Picture of The Crown Margaretology.

Margaretology: While Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit the USA, the queen, at the bidding of Harold Wilson, asks them to make a side trip to Washington, D.C. to ask President Johnson for financial assistance for the United Kingdom.

guest cast
Clancy Brown as Lyndon B. Johnson
Michael Simkins as Patrick Dean
Martin McDougall as W. Marvin Watson
Suzanne Kopser as "Lady Bird" Johnson
Clayton T. Smith as American General
Pip Torrens as Tommy Lascelles
Alan Gill as Winkie
Pippa Winslow as Blinkie
Guy Chambers as Pianist
Fyfe Dangerfield as Pianist

Writer: Peter Morgan
Director: Benjamin Caron
Editor: Tim Porter

Original Airdate: 17 Nov 2019 on Netflix
Series: The Crown Season 3 Episode 2