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The Crown: Misadventure (S2EP1 Netflix 8 Dec 2017)



Picture of The Crown Misadventure.

Misadventure: As Philip leaves for a long tour, Elizabeth makes an upsetting discovery. Prime Minister Eden wants to strike back after Egypt seizes the Suez Canal.

guest cast
Anton Lesser as Harold MacMillan
Daniel Ings as Mike Parker
Chloe Pirrie as Eileen Parker
Greg Wise as Lord Mountbatten
Billy Jenkins as Prince Charles
Harry Hadden-Paton as Martin Charteris
Clive Francis as Lord Salisbury
Nicholas Burns as Anthony Nutting
Lizzy McInnerny as Bobo Macdonald
Michael Culkin as Rab Butler

Writer: Peter Morgan
Director: Philip Martin

Original Airdate: 8 Dec 2017 on Netflix
Series: The Crown Season 2 Episode 1