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The Cruise: Episode 2 (S1EP2 Channel 5 Sunday 26 June 2022)



The Scarlet Lady, one of the newest and most opulent ships at sea, is sailing towards Costa Maya, Mexico, which will be its first port of call. The ship has fallen behind schedule and is in danger of missing its arrival slot, as British First Officer Elliot has noticed from the bridge. The pressure is on to get back on track because thousands of passengers are counting on a day full of thrilling shore excursions; otherwise, he’ll have a shipload of irate passengers.

Paul and Damien, two British passengers, are currently enjoying their first cruise after finally being persuaded by the promise of a ship free of kids to set sail. If the ship ever arrives, they have big plans for their time in Mexico! As her first manoeuvre at the helm of Scarlet Lady, ambitious Second Officer Georgia approaches a small pilot boat before bringing the enormous cruise ship into port. It’s a significant advancement for the aspiring captain.

Former Red Coat Kayleigh leads a cooking and dancing excursion on shore. It’s her first time visiting the port, and the pressure’s on to provide a top experience for the passengers, but a power cut throws her plans into chaos! As the ship prepares to depart Mexico, the crew discover two passengers are missing. The ship is forced to delay its departure while they wait for the two friends to turn up. One of them eventually stumbles back to ship — but the other is nowhere to be found. Captain Giovanni faces a difficult decision — wait longer, delaying thousands of passengers and crew or leave the stranded sailor behind!

Meanwhile, passengers and crew prepare for the biggest night of the cruise — the ship-wide celebration known as ‘Scarlet Night’. As passengers get their glam on, the crew race to transform the ship with — amongst other things — a giant 75ft inflatable octopus. Will the crew be able to deliver their promise of a party to end all parties?

Airdate: Sunday 26 June 2022 at 21:00 on Channel 5

Season 1 Episode 2

Sheridan Smith narrates a documentary following life for passengers and crew on board the ships Scarlet Lady and Valiant in the Virgin Voyages fleet, bound for destinations including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.