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The Cruise: Episode 6 (S1EP6 Channel 5 Sunday 24 July 2022)



With a ‘no kids’ policy, Scarlet Lady and Valiant are ships that promise escapism and plenty of fun for those who set sail with them. But, naturally, it’s not all plain sailing. The crew, above and below deck, have many roles to fulfill to keep guests happy and the ship running smoothly. From tricky demands from the sailors to last-minute challenges on the bridge, the series follows the jeopardy as it unfolds and the characters that make these worlds come alive.

It’s a busy and challenging time on board Scarlet Lady this week — and also includes royalty! Before they set sail, Glenroy and his team need to get over £250,000 worth of goods to the necessary departments. But there’s a hitch: Dominic, head chef in restaurant ‘The Wake’, can’t find some important fish that’s on tonight’s menu! But this could be the least of his challenges as his restaurant has a major leak from the ceiling! Chris in Maintenance rushes to the rescue.

But with water all over the fixtures and fittings, will the diners be able to eat later that evening? Meanwhile, Irish sailors Marcus and Orla are up for something new. They’ve booked on to a class that teaches you how to take Instaworthy snaps of your food! It’s totally out of their comfort zone. Will they remain sceptical or become seasoned vloggers?!

As the ship prepares to head off for its first stop in Nassau, a spring gets caught near the dock and second officer Georgia has some quick thinking to do! And finally, royalty is in town!

As the ship docks in the capital city of the Bahamas, word spreads that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also visiting. Cue very excited crew member balancer Nate and his pal going on a hunt to track them down! Will they get a special peek of the royal couple?

Airdate: Sunday 24 July 2022 at 21:00 on Channel 5

Season 1 Episode 6

Sheridan Smith narrates a documentary following life for passengers and crew on board the ships Scarlet Lady and Valiant in the Virgin Voyages fleet, bound for destinations including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.