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The Devil You Know: Daughter of the Most High (S2EP4 Viceland Mon 19 Apr 2021)



Daughter of the Most High: With two victims now connected to Shriner's Ministry, we ask: who the real Sherry Shriner is; a former member of Sherry's flock takes viewers deep inside the mind of a cult leader.


Airdate: Mon 19 Apr 2021 at 22:00 on Viceland

Season 2 Episode 4

Set in a small suburban community just outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Devil You Know focuses on a local suburban legend, John Lawson, a self-styled Satanist who renamed himself Pazuzu. When two missing individuals' bodies turn up at his house, the rumors of this Charles Manson-like figure whose house was a non-stop parade of sex, drugs, guns and loud music take a darker and more troubling turn. The series follows every twist around the crime, the mishandled investigation, the legal case as well as the underlying economic inequality inherent in the story. The show features interviews with the journalists who chased the story, authorities, friends and neighbors of Pazuzu as well as people close to the victims to try to understand the twisted depths of this story from every angle.