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The Doctor Blake Mysteries: By the Southern Cross (ABC1 6 Mar 2015 with Helen Morse)



Australia / ABC1 / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 6th March 2015 @ 8.30pm

Writer: Roger Monk / Director: Fiona Banks

Series: The Doctor Blake Mysteries / Season 3 Episode 4

Tensions are stirred when police break up students celebrating the Eureka stockade anniversary. Emotions then spill over at the local pub that night. When student leader Des Sommerville is found dead suspicion falls on a local.

But after Dr Blake finds Des’ body was moved post mortem, suspicion shifts to the students and communist party members.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Martin O’Brien is in town to launch an initiative, and has an ultimatum for his daughter, Mattie.

Watch out for a guest appearance from the legendary Helen Morse too in this one.

guest cast
Helen Morse as Agnes
Martin Sacks as Martin O’Brien
Anna Samson as Wendy
Pip Mushin as Ken Farmer