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The Dumping Ground (Friday 2 December 2022 The Hardest Word on CBBC)



The Dumping Ground

Tonight Friday 2 December 2022 the show The Dumping Ground airs a new episode.

Tonight, Friday 2 December 2022, the episode The Hardest Word airs at 18:00 on CBBC.

Episode Summary

It’s May-last Li’s day working for the DG, but Candi-celebration Rose’s plans are derailed when her mother shows up looking for a risky reconciliation that could permanently alter the DG.

Airdate and Episode Count

Friday 2 December 2022 at 18:00 on CBBC

Season 10 Episode 10

Show Info

The Dumping Ground’s residents face challenges every day, but nothing is impossible when they work together. 

Featured image credit: CBBC