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The Durrells Series Finale airs Sun 12 May 2019 on ITV



Episode 6: Louisa resists the mounting pressures to take her family home to England, until Theo urges them to get the last boat home before the borders close. News of Basil’s untimely death also makes Louisa realise that their Corfiot bubble is finally burst.

Larry and Margo’s return marks a ray of sunshine for Louisa and they agree to put on a farewell play, involving friends and loved ones in the process. Larry is the writer and director, but in his new role as a spy, he keeps on disappearing.

Feeling guilty, Leslie tracks down a forlorn Spiros who is living in his car. Apologising profusely, Leslie encourages him to return to the villa.

Meanwhile, Margo delves into the world of virginity claiming she will lose hers to Nikos. However, the extent of her unnerves Nikos who becomes aware that everyone knows of their intentions.

Series finale.

Airdate: Sunday 12 May 2019 at 8.00pm on ITV.

Season 4, Episode 6



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