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The Ex-PM: Final Love (ABC-1 18 Nov 2015 with John Clarke)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 9.05pm on ABC-1

Season 1 Episode 6

CAST: Shaun Micallef, Nicholas Bell, Francis Greenslade, Lucy Honigman, Nicki Wendt, Kate Jenkinson, Jackson Tozer, Ming-Zhu Hii and John Clarke.

Henry disappears mid-Skype call and Andrew starts to get worried when no one can find him.

A home invasion leads to some desperate hours of negotiation where Andrew’s skills as a diplomat are put to the ultimate test. A gun to his head, a quarter of a million dollar ransom at stake and a beaten and bloodied tennis instructor all add up to a devastating final chapter in the life of our ex-PM.



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