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The Farmers’ Country Showdown: Shipbourne Farmers Market (S6EP14 BBC One Thurs 20 Jan 2022)



Shipbourne Farmers Market: Shipbourne Farmers Market in Kent is a vital shop window for self-taught local farmers Carla and Robin, who use the milk from the family dairy herd to produce their own cheese. Since starting 15 years ago, they have become completely carbon neutral and have also picked up lots of awards for their cheese.

Today at the market, Carla is looking to make plenty of sales. Meanwhile, Kent fruit farmer Tom helps run the family business and is keen to carry on his grandfather’s work promoting the home-grown Kent cobnut.

As a local, Shipbourne Farmers Market holds a lot of childhood memories for him. However, today he is hoping for a windfall of fruit sales and that customers will be interested in bagging some of his new cobnut granola.

Airdate: Thursday 20 January 2022 at 3.45pm on BBC One.

Season 6 Episode 14