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The Fatal Flaw: The Eyes Have It – A Special Edition of 20/20 (ABC Thursday July 7, 2022)



“The Fatal Flaw: A Special Edition of 20/20,” a brand-new ABC News Studios original, takes viewers through terrifying homicides and the minute clues at the crime scenes that assisted detectives in identifying the killers.

The four-part series includes commentary from ABC News legal analyst and 20/20 correspondent Ryan Smith, ABC News contributor Elizabeth Vargas, and ABC News legal contributor and former prosecutor Matt Murphy. First-person accounts from authorities and journalists illuminate the disturbing events as they describe the turns the investigation took and the breakthrough moments that brought investigators and police to the killer’s doorstep.

The one-hour episodes reveal the mistakes that stopped each killer from getting away. The crimes committed range from a real-life “cereal killer,” who poisons his victim via breakfast cereal to the story of a “black widow” who frames her own daughter for the deaths of her two husbands.

The first episode, “The Eyes Have It,” airs Thursday, July 7, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC, and streams the next day on Hulu. New episodes of “The Fatal Flaw: A Special Edition of 20/20” will air weekly on Thursdays in July at 10 p.m. EDT.

“The Fatal Flaw: A Special Edition of 20/20” is produced by ABC News Studios. David Sloan is the senior executive producer, and Colleen Halpin is the executive producer. Remy Weber is director and executive producer.

Airdate: Thursday July 7, 2022 at 10.00pm on ABC.

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