The Flying Archaeologist “The Thames: Secret War” (BBC Four Thursday 23 March 2023)



The Flying Archaeologist

The Flying Archaeologist airs a new episode tonight Thursday 23 March 2023 on BBC Four.

“The Thames: Secret War” Ben Robinson, an archaeologist, flies above the River Thames in search of hidden artefacts from World War I. We now know that The Hoo peninsula is home to an extensive system of ditches. They were discovered in the area near the former Chattenden Barracks, but were only visible from the air. There is a direct line between the trenches in Belgium during World War 1 and the trenches used for experimentation and training of soldiers in World War 1. The trenches are just one discovery from English Heritage’s first comprehensive aerial assessment of the area. Aerial photographs are being taken to document the area’s history before it is lost to coastal erosion and development.

Airdate: Thursday 23 March 2023 at 7.30pm on BBC Four.

Season 1 Episode 4

Featured Image Credit: BBC Four

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