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The Frankenstein Chronicles Premieres ITV Wednesday 18th November at 10pm



AIRDATE: Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 10.00pm on ITV

Season 1 Episode 1

Sean Bean leads a distinguished cast, including Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ed Stoppard, Samuel West, Steven Berkoff and Kate Dickie, in this thrilling and terrifying reimagining of the Frankenstein myth.

Set in Georgian London, the six-part crime drama opens with a successful operation by Thames river police to apprehend a gang of opium smugglers. As he stands at the water’s edge, Inspector John Marlott makes a shocking discovery.

The body of a dead child is washed up on the shore, but further examination of the corpse reveals that it is not a child but a crude assembly of body parts arranged in a grotesque parody of a human form. It comes as no surprise when Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel (Tom Ward) tells Marlott that details of the investigation must remain confidential.

In the second episode, Seeing Things, Marlott visits the house of artist and printmaker William Blake (Berkoff), who is on his deathbed but receives Marlott as a prophet of things to come. Later, Marlott confers with Nightingale (Richie Campbell), a local policeman who has been keeping watch on The Fortune of War, a public house known as a place where body snatchers gather. The pair set up a cunning sting to capture a person of interest who may be able to help them with their investigation.



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