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The Glittering Prizes: An Early Life (S1EP1 BBC Two 21 Jan 1976, Barbara Kellerman)



An Early Life: In 1953 Adam Morris wins a scholarship to Cambridge, a stepping-stone for those with ambition to build lives and careers. In his first year at college he makes several new friends and a few enemies. He sets out to antagonise his upper-class roommate but soon finds himself in deeper water than he had anticipated.

Cast: Tom Conti (Adam Morris), Barbara Kellerman (Barbara Hughes), Clive Merrison (Bill Bourne), Simon Cadell (Ken Hobbs), Emily Richard (Anna Cunningham), Leonard Sachs (Lionel Morris), Jeremy Child (John Cadman), Mark Wing-Davey (Mike Clode), Malcolm Stoddard (Dan Bradley), Nigel Havers (Denis Porson), David Robb, Elizabeth Spriggs, John Wentworth, Judi Bowker, Natasha Morgan, Renée Goddard, Julian Curry, Kirstie Pooley, James Bree, Gerald Case, Andrew Hawkins, Kevin Moore

Writer: Frederic Raphael / Director: Waris Hussein

Original Airdate: 21 Jan 1976 on BBC Two
Series: The Glittering Prizes Season 1 Episode 1