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The Gravy Train: Episode 2 (S1EP2 Channel 4 4 Jul 1990, Judy Parfitt)



Episode 2: Hans, who now has responsibility for the EEC’s soft fruit, must rid the Market of an enormous surplus of rotting plums. A suggestion from Milcic to sell the plums to Bulgaria finds favour with Hans and his bosses.

Regular Cast: Ian Richardson (Spearpoint), Christoph Waltz (Hans-Joachim), Almanta Suska (Nadine), Alexei Sayle (Milcic), Jacques Sereys (Villeneuve), Anita Zagaria (Gianna), Sabine Weber (Christa), Judy Parfitt (Hilda), Geoffrey Hutchings (Gustave), Ron Donachie (Hatted Man)

Guest Cast: Amanda Mealing (Delise), Julia Dearden (Maria Theresa)

Writer: Malcolm Bradbury / Director: David Tucker

Airdate: 4 Jul 1990 on Channel 4

Series: The Gravy Train Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: In The Gravy Train an idealistic new Euro MP gets a rude awakening when he joins an EEC department in Brussels.