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The Gravy Train: Episode 4 (S1EP4 Channel 4 18 Jul 1990, Geoffrey Hutchings)



Episode 4: Hans has placed the 20 million dollars in the private bank account of Villeneuve, the Director of Agriculture, believing him to be the only person in Brussels he can trust. However, this trust is misplaced.

Regular Cast: Ian Richardson (Spearpoint), Christoph Waltz (Hans-Joachim), Almanta Suska (Nadine), Alexei Sayle (Milcic), Jacques Sereys (Villeneuve), Anita Zagaria (Gianna), Sabine Weber (Christa), Judy Parfitt (Hilda), Geoffrey Hutchings (Gustave), Ron Donachie (Hatted Man)

Guest Cast: Amanda Mealing (Delise), Philip Joseph (Alexei), Stephen Greif (Rudolph)

Writer: Malcolm Bradbury / Director: David Tucker

Airdate: 18 Jul 1990 on Channel 4

Series: The Gravy Train Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: In The Gravy Train an idealistic new Euro MP gets a rude awakening when he joins an EEC department in Brussels.