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The Great North: The Great Punkin’ Adventure (S2EP2 FOX Sun 3 Oct 2021)



The Great Punkin’ Adventure: A punk band invites Ham to audition after hearing him scream. Meanwhile, Honeybee and Wolf get their first directing gig.

Voice Cast: Nick Offerman as Beef; Jenny Slate as Judy; Dulce Sloan as Honeybee

Guest Cast: Tim Bagley as Principal Gibbons; Ray Dewilde as Mayor Peppers; Brooke Dillman as Zoya; David Herman as Gill Beavers; Aloysius Hootch as Delmer; Tim Jennings as Paul Reingold and Postal Worker; Martha Kelly as Bethany; Kelvin Yu as Steven Huang and Reggie Watts as Quay.

Airdate: Sun 3 Oct 2021 at 20:30 on FOX

Season 2 Episode 2

The Great North follows the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family, as a single dad, Beef, does his best to keep his weird bunch of kids close – especially his only daughter, Judy, whose artistic dreams lead her away from the family fishing boat and into the glamorous world of the local mall. Rounding out the family are Judy’s older brother, Wolf; his fiancé, Honeybee; her middle brother, Ham; and ten-year-old-going-on-fifty little brother, Moon. While the children’s mother is not in the picture, Judy seeks guidance from her new boss, Alyson, and her imaginary friend, Alanis Morissette, who appears to her in the Northern Lights.