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The Grinder: Grinder Rests in Peace (FOX 1 Dec 2015 with Jason Alexander)



AIRDATE: Tuesday 1 December 2015 at 8.30pm on FOX

Season 1 Episode 9

Timothy Olyphant (“Justified”) and Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) Guest-Star

“The Grinder: New Orleans” – a spinoff of the original hit series, asks Dean to film a scene giving closure to his beloved character, Mitch Grinder. Not surprisingly, Dean struggles with being replaced by his TV brother, Rake (guest star Timothy Olyphant).

Meanwhile Stewart, who has also been feeling replaced by his brother in Ethan’s eyes, jumps at the opportunity to get Dean back into acting and out of his hair.

Regular Cast: Rob Lowe as Dean Sanderson, Jr.; Fred Savage as Stewart Sanderson; Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Debbie Sanderson; William Devane as Dean Sanderson Sr.; Hana Hayes as Lizzie Sanderson; Connor Kalopsis as Ethan Sanderson; Natalie Morales as Claire.

Guest Cast: Jason Alexander as Cliff Bemis and Timothy Olyphant as Rake Grinder



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