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The Guardians: End in Dust (ITV 2 Oct 1971, with Robert Morris)



In End in Dust Tom Weston is dead and Benedict needs to get him out of his flat. He doesn’t know that Norman knows exactly what is going on and is watching his every move. Norman is planning Benedict’s imminent arrest.

Clare knows she also needs to get out but is not sure if Christopher Hobson will help her or not but in the end their love for each other means that ultimately they are both happy that Tom is dead.

Before the Benedict’s can get away, they intend to join Benedict’s brother in Canada, they are visited by Norman who makes it plain he knows what they are up to. In a last ditch effort to save them Eleanor calls upon Sir Timothy but Norman is too determined to follow his own course to let the Prime Minister stop him. He tells Sgt Arnold, who has accompanied Norman to the Benedict home, to shoot Hobson, he does and leaves him dead on the floor. Norman makes it plain he will let Eleanor live if he makes it look like he killed Hobson and then kills himself.

Having spent much of the series slowly setting things up this final episode fairly roller coasts along wrapping up plot points and, with Christopher being lined up to replace his father, positioning Norman as the real power in the land. In general, despite a few misses, you’d have to consider the series a hit.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 2 October 1971 at 10.10pm

Writer: John Bowen / Production Design: John Emery / Director: Robert Tronson

Gwyneth Powell as Clare Weston
David Burke as Benedict
Lynn Farleigh as Eleanor
Cyril Luckham as Sir Timothy Hobson
Edward Petherbridge as Christopher Hobson
Derek Smith as Norman
Robert Morris as Sgt Arnold