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The Guardians: Pursuit (ITV 17 Jul 1971, with Derek Smith)



In Pursuit, Prime Minister Sir Timothy Hobson has survived an assassination attempt on his life and the Guardians have very quickly caught the man responsible.

A good quarter of the show is given to a dinner that Sir Timothy has with TV boss and old friend Sir Francis Wainwright. Their lengthy dialogue serves to offer much exposition about why the media are growing increasingly concerned about the move towards fascism that The Guardians seem to represent. Sir Francis is also very concerned about ‘ring master’ Norman whom he believes is not out for Sir Timothy’s best interests. He’s right of course.

An equal amount of time is given over to the interrogation of the would be assassin, there are lots of strobe effects and intense questioning. It’s left in no doubt that the assassin will not be leaving Guardian headquarters alive. In fact Sir Timothy is told that he is dead even before the questioning starts.

Meanwhile we discover that Tom Weston is definitely a subversive working against The Guardians. Convinced his cover is blown he decides to make a hasty exit. His pregnant wife is none the wiser.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 17 July 1971 at 10.10pm

Writer: Hugh Whitemore / Production Design: Colin Pigott / Director: James Goddard

Cyril Luckham as Sir Timothy Hobson
Richard Hurndall as Sir Francis Wainwright
Derek Smith as Norman
John Collin as Tom Weston
Gweneth Powell as Clare Weston
Richard Kane as Interrogator
Richard Pescud as Doctor
Nick Hobbs as First Guardian
Emmett Hennessey as Second Guardian
Mark York as Man on Phone
Peter Hutchins as Assassin
John Rapley as Driver
Margaret Robertson as TV health expert
Michael Smee as Newscaster

Season 1 Episode 2