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The Guardians: Quarmby (ITV 7 Aug 1971, with Petra Davies)



In Quarmby the Home Secretary, has been killed by the father of young Wilson who was executed after being convicted of a petty crime. He himself was then shot, not by a Guardian but by a long range sniper to make it look like it was a Guardian killing.

Interestingly it appears that anybody who is working for the resistance is actually Quarmby. The whole movement being so called.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minutes / Broadcast Saturday 7 August 1971 at 10.15pm

Writer: John Bowen / Production Design: John Emery / Director: Robert Tronson

Cyril Luckham as Sir Timothy Hobson
David Burke as Benedict
Derek Smith as Norman
Edward Petherbridge as Christopher Hobson
Lynn Farleigh as Eleanor
Gwyneth Powell as Clare Weston
Joan Heal as Miss Quarmby
David Cook as Wilf
Laurence Carter as Captain Gerald Barclay
Petra Davies as Peter
Geoffrey Morris as C.I.D. Officer
Leon Eagles as M.I.5 Officer