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The Home Team with Britt & Annie: Love a New Lounge (Friday November 25, 2022 )



The Home Team with Britt & Annie

Today Friday November 25, 2022 the show The Home Team with Britt & Annie airs an episode called Love a New Lounge on .

Love a New Lounge

A prominent member of the community and a public relations representative asks Britt and Annie to transform her dingy, mismatched first-floor space into a chic, sophisticated gathering place where she can host events and house her son, who is soon to return from college.

Airdate and Episode Count

Friday November 25, 2022 at 22:00 on

Season 1 Episode 8

Show Info

Best friends and rookie renovators Annie Hawkins and Brittany Baker impressed Salt Lake City with their creative designs. With numerous clients knocking on their door, they’re going from first-time to full-time with their own renovation start-up business.

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