The Inside: Gem (S1EP12 FOX 7 Apr 2006)



Gem: The team gets a tape of a snuff movie where a young girl is assassinated. They believe the tape was not tampered with and it’s not a fake contrary to most snuff movies. They match the face of the girl on the tape to a missing girl report entered by Arlen Dallas. On instinct, Rebecca asks Carter to reconstruct the face of the girl at different ages. It is discovered that she has been spotted on hundreds of child pornography materials at different ages.

Cast: Katie Finneran, Adam Baldwin, Peter Coyote, Jay Harrington, Rachel Nichols (Special Agent Rebecca Locke), Nelsan Ellis (Carter Howard), Garret Dillahunt (Karl Robie Jr.),

Airdate: 7 Apr 2006 on FOX

Series: The Inside Season 1 Episode 12

Show Info: Crime Drama series. The Inside follows the work of the FBI’s Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit, a division dedicated to investigating particularly dangerous crimes. Cancelled after 7 episodes although 13 were made.

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