The Inside: The Perfect Couple (S1EP11 FOX 17 Mar 2006)



The Perfect Couple: When Web sends Rebecca to assist the fire department on a serial arson case, Paul thinks it’s too incidental a crime for the VCU to bother with, but it may have a serious connection to Rebecca’s past — and, specifically, how she escaped her kidnapper years ago.

Cast: Katie Finneran, Adam Baldwin, Peter Coyote, Jay Harrington, Rachel Nichols (Special Agent Rebecca Locke), Nelsan Ellis (Carter Howard), Garret Dillahunt (Karl Robie Jr.),

Airdate: 17 Mar 2006 on FOX

Series: The Inside Season 1 Episode 11

Show Info: Crime Drama series. The Inside follows the work of the FBI’s Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit, a division dedicated to investigating particularly dangerous crimes. Cancelled after 7 episodes although 13 were made.

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