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The Intruder: The Stranger (Series Premiere ITV Sun 2 Jan 1972, Milton Johns, Sheila Ruskin)



The Intruder ITV 1972 James Bate Sheila Ruskin

In The Stranger, the opening episode of teen drama The Intruder, teenage sand pilot Arnold Haithwaite has a job guiding people across the estuary on the sands of Cumberland. He meets June Ellison who is spending her summer holidays in the area. However the arrival of a stranger looks set to upset Arnold’s whole world. Especially as the stranger also claims to be Arnold Haithwaite.

A mysterious air for the opening episode, Milton Johns as Sonny the stranger, always managed to project an air of creepiness when playing roles like these.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 2 January 1972 at 5.35pm

Series: The Intruder Episode 1 of 8

Writers: Mervyn Haisman, Peter Plummer / Production Design: Peter Caldwell

James Bate as Arnold Haithwaite
Jack Woolgar as Ernest Haithwaite
Milton Johns as Sonny
Sheila Ruskin as Jane Ellison
Simon Turner as Peter Ellison