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The Jewel In The Crown: The Day of the Scorpion (S1EP8 ITV 27 Feb 1984, Nicholas Farrell)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Day of the Scorpion: Returning to Pankot from her trip to Calcutta, Sarah Layton meets Count Bronowski and Nigel Rowan at the train station in Ranpur. Also accompanied by Ahmed Kassim, they are on their way to visit the imprisoned political leader Mohammed Ali Kassim, Ahmed’s father, who is known colloquially as MAK. They are there to tell him that his eldest son Sayed, a King’s Commissioned officer, is under arrest for having joined the Indian National Army and fighting for the Japanese. Having been ordered out of Rose Cottage by a spiteful Mildred Layton, Barbie Batchelor finds herself residing with the Peplows as a paying guest . She is shocked however at the rumors that are circulating about her. Having given birth to a baby boy, Susan begins to suffer from depression and puts the child’s life in danger.

Cast: Tim Pigott-Smith (Merrick), Art Malik (Hari Kumar), Susan Wooldridge (Daphne Manners), Geraldine James (Sarah Layton), Judy Parfitt (Mildred Layton), Peggy Ashcroft (Barbie Batchelor), Charles Dance (Guy peron), Eric Porter (Count Bronowsky), Rosemary Leach (Aunt Fenny), Wendy Morgan (Susan Bingham), Anna Cropper (Nicky Paynton), Nicholas Farrell (Teddie Bingham), Rachel Kempson (Lady Manners), Nicholas Le Prevost (Nigel Rowan), Derrick Branche (Ahmed Kasim), Antony Brown (Arthur Peplow), Geoffrey Beevers (Kevin Coley), Shreela Ghosh (Minnie), Zia Mohyeddin, Warren Clarke, Kumar Ranji, Lottie Ward, Carol Gillies, Yazdani Raza Khan, Ishaq Bux, Stephen Riddle

Writer: Ken Taylor / Director: Jim O’Brien

Original Airdate: 27 Feb 1984 on ITV
Series: The Jewel In The Crown Season 1 Episode 8