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The Jewel In The Crown: The Regimental Silver (S1EP5 ITV 6 Feb 1984, Eric Porter)



The Regimental Silver: With the wedding over and Teddie and Susan safely off on their honeymoon, Merrick once again is harassed and humiliated at the train station. He apologizes to Sarah for all that has happened. The Laytons return to Pankot, as does Susan when Teddie returns to duty, and they resume their normal lives. Barbie Batchelor, who lives with Sarah’s "auntie" Mabel, gives Susan a set of silver spoons but she puzzled when they are not on display at a reception for Susan in the Officer’s Mess. It is left to Sarah however to break the news to Susan when they receive a signal informing them that Teddie has been killed in action. Meanwhile Lady Manners has arranged, courtesy of her friend the Governor, for Hari Kumar to be re-interviewed about the circumstances surrounding his arrest. Both she and the man assigned to conduct the interview, Nigel Rowan, come away with the belief that Hari was being truthful.

Cast: Tim Pigott-Smith (Merrick), Art Malik (Hari Kumar), Susan Wooldridge (Daphne Manners), Geraldine James (Sarah Layton), Judy Parfitt (Mildred Layton), Peggy Ashcroft (Barbie Batchelor), Charles Dance (Guy peron), Eric Porter (Count Bronowsky), Rosemary Leach (Aunt Fenny), Wendy Morgan (Susan Bingham), Anna Cropper (Nicky Paynton), Nicholas Farrell (Teddie Bingham), Rachel Kempson (Lady Manners), Nicholas Le Prevost (Nigel Rowan), Geoffrey Beevers (Kevin Coley), Antony Brown (Arthur Peplow), Fabia Drake, James Bree, Kamini Kaushal, Marne Maitland, Bob Babenia, Ishaq Bux, Carol Gillies, Bernard Horsfall, Sheila Grant

Writer: Ken Taylor / Director: Jim O’Brien

Original Airdate: 6 Feb 1984 on ITV
Series: The Jewel In The Crown Season 1 Episode 5