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The Jonathan Ross Show: Special Guests 5 (S16EP ITV Sat 20 Mar 2021)



Special Guests 5: A look back at some of the most memorable moments from recent series of The Jonathan Ross Show. Amongst the very special guests featured with Jonathan in this show are Sir David Attenborough, Sheridan Smith, Kevin Hart, Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Hugh Jackman, Liam Gallagher, Michelle Keegan, Ed Sheeran, Tiffany Haddish and Robbie Williams.

Airdate: Sat 20 Mar 2021 at 10.35pm on ITV

Season 16 Episode 

Jonathan Ross, the king of chat, is back. Employing his infectious wit and sense of fun, he chats to some terrific celebrity guests and asks the questions to which everyone wants to know the answers.