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The Larkins Episode 2 airs Sat 4 Dec on ABC TV



Mariette has agreed to stay for the summer and with the arrival of Charley and Tom Fisher her heart is being pulled in many directions. But love must take a back seat as the Larkins convince Charley that they don’t need to sell the farm to pay their back tax.

While Pop makes an offer to the Bluff-Gores for their country pile Mariette takes Charley for a walk in the countryside. Alec Norman intervenes, and it looks like the Larkins are in deep trouble, with Charley furious that Mariette has tried to fool him with her charms.

Meanwhile Montgomery is fixing up his pram to compete in the notorious Village Pram Race but who will be his baby?

Production credits: Produced by Objective Fiction, Genial Productions and Objective Media Group Scotland in association with All3Media International. Executive producers are Ben Farrell, Charlotte Lewis, Sophie Clarke-Jervoise and Simon Nye, Toby Stevens and Bradley Walsh.

Airdate: Saturday 4 December 2021 at 7.30pm on ABC TV.

Season 1 Episode 2