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The Larkins: In Which Pop and Ma Go on Holiday (S1EP3 ITV Sun 24 Oct 2021)



In Which Pop and Ma Go on Holiday: Ma, worried that Pop is working too hard, books a weekend in Margate.

Charley (now fully ensconced in the Larkins household) and Mariette are left to mind the kids and sort out the new (huge and ghastly) TV aerial which is being delivered by the wily Wilf.

Bradley Walsh – Pop Larkin
Joanna Scanlan – Ma Larkin
Sabrina Bartlett – Mariette Larkin
Tok Stephen – Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton
Peter Davison – the Vicar
Kriss Dosanjh – Brigadier
Amelia Bullmore – Miss Edith Pilchester
Seeta Indrani – Miss Chand
Robert Bathurst- Johnny Delamere
Stephen Hagan – Tom Fisher
Francesca Wilson Waterworth – Libby Fothergill
Barney Walsh – PC Harness
Tony Gardner – Alec Norman
Selina Griffiths – Norma Norman
Lydia Page – Primrose Larkin
Liam Middleton – Montgomery Larkin
Lola Shepelev – Victoria Larkin
Davina Coleman – Zinnia Larkin
Rosie Coleman – Petunia Larkin

Airdate: Sun 24 Oct 2021 at 20:00 on ITV

Season 1 Episode 3

In the idyllic and beautiful Kent countryside, known as the Garden of England, The Larkins have a achieved a small patch of paradise where nothing is wasted and they enjoy life to the full.  

There’s an overwhelming sense of plenty in their lives and a lot of joy and raucous laughter, as Ma Larkin provides a seemingly endless supply of delicious, hearty meals.  And no matter what time of day, The Larkins and their guests aren’t averse to enjoying the odd cocktail or two!  
The Larkins are fundamentally good-hearted people who are always happy to share what they have with others, despite the fact that what they have is sometimes obtained by unusual means!  In a rather mean-spirited way their good heartedness is not always shared by certain members of the local community.
From government officials and snobbish second homeowners to aggressive urban developers, the Larkins often deal with threats to their idyllic way of life – but they never take things lying down.