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The Last Kingdom Episode 2 (BBC-2 29 Oct 2015)



AIRDATE: Thursday 29 October 2015 at 9.00pm on BBC Two

Season 1 Episode 2 of 8

Finding himself blamed for the wedding massacre, Uhtred pleads his innocence to the great Viking warlord Ubba, but is not believed. His only choice is to return to his roots and approach the soon-to-be Saxon King, Alfred.
On the run from his uncle Aelfric, Uhtred and Brida find themselves in a village recently pillaged by the Danes. Escaping a blood-thirsty archer who assumes they are Danes, they learn that they have been blamed for the wedding hall massacre. No longer Saxon or Dane, they are fugitives and realise they must convince Viking warlord Ubba of their innocence if they are ever to win protection.

In Winchester, Father Beocca conveys the rumour of turncoat Uhtred’s massacre to Prince Alfred, who agrees that Uhtred could be a useful weapon against the Danes. Meanwhile, before approaching the mighty Ubba, Uhtred and Brida take Ubba’s sorcerer, Storri, hostage, fearing their plea of innocence might fall on deaf ears. With hostage in tow they confront Ubba and his second-in-command, Guthrum, who are busy torturing a Saxon king, Edmund. Ubba is not interested in their case and, with Storri as collateral, they narrowly escape with their lives.

Contemplating their next move, Uhtred and Brida narrowly escape Aelfric’s hired assassins before realising that their only option is to win the protection of the Saxon king in Wessex. In Winchester, Uhtred is reunited with a rapturous Beocca who urges Uhtred to meet Prince Alfred, a powerful king in the making. The first meeting between the pious sickly Alfred and the heathen Uhtred is strained. Brida becomes increasingly uncomfortable with kowtowing to Saxons.

Despite Alfred’s hostility, Uhtred is increasingly convinced his fate rests with the Saxons. He goes out on a limb to scout out a Danish encampment and offer tactical advice on the imminent battle at Asec’s Hill. Thinking his advice will win him protection and a means of winning back Bebbanburg, he is shocked to find himself and Brida locked in a cage on the eve of battle. The quest to win over Alfred is far from won.



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