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The Last of the Baskets: A Chip Off the Old Block (S2EP4 ITV Mon 24 Jan 1972, Richard Hurndall)



In A Chip Off the Old Block black sheep of the Baskets, cousin Rupert (Richard Hurndall), has turned up at Clogborough Hall wondering why his retainer is no longer being paid.

In a nice touch hard working Richard Hurndall reappeared in the series as Rupert, he had played the elderly out-going Earl of Clogborough in the first episode of the series. David Jackson who plays a taxi driver, is best known for playing strong arm man Gan on cult classic Blake’s 7.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 24 January 1972 at 8.30pm

Series: The Last of the Baskets Season 2 Episode 4

Writer: John Stevenson / Production Design: Eric Deakins / Director: Bill Podmore

Arthur Lowe as Bodkin
Ken Jones as Clifford Basket
Patricia Hayes as Rupert Fitzbasket
Richard Hurndall as Rupert Fitzbasket
David Jackson as Taxi Driver